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  • new building apartments

    Common Problems That Crop Up With New Build Apartments

    Over the years, there has been a spate of apartment building construction in cities and towns across the country. But new build apartment construction standards have been slipping for a number of different reasons such as soaring materials and trade ...

  • pre-purchase inspection

    Is It Really Necessary To Do A Pre-Purchase Inspection?

    Purchasing an investment property or a home is likely one of the most sizeable investment that a large percentage of people make. Just as you do your due diligence while purchasing a home, it also very important to conduct a ...

  • pre-purchase inspections

    Different Types Of Pre-Purchase Inspections And What They Include

    When you are planning on purchasing a home, it’s a good idea to get a home inspection done before you sign on the dotted line. Home inspectors typically check the overall building structure, electrical, roofs, plumbing, basements, air-conditioning systems heating ...

  • pre-purchase questions

    Commonly Asked Pre-Purchase Questions And Important Things To Know

    Buying a home involves a significant investment. People spend a considerable amount of time conducting the search, looking at homes, organising for finance etc. when they are planning to buy a new home. One of the most important aspects of ...

  • house inspection

    Tips To Get The Most Out Of A House Inspection

    For a large percentage of people in Australia, one of the most significant expenses is purchasing their family home. A professional home inspection is your best defense against buying a home that will be a nightmare to fix. Here are ...

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