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  • The Role Thermal Imaging Plays in New Build Inspections and Why It’s Needed

    Traditionally thermal imaging cameras have been seen as a tool to identify live termites; however, it is not a reliable “all clear” when it comes to pre-purchase property inspections. Inspector’s over-state the benefits of thermal imaging giving the impression that ...

  • Professional Pest Inspections Services

    How Pests Affect Your Building Structure

    Pest damage can cause destruction of building structures with catastrophic consequences. Essentially, timber pests i.e., termites, wood decay and borers have the potential to cause such significant underlying damage to the timber work within a structure that it can literally ...

  • Why do we need Pre-purchase Building Inspections?

    When making such large investment decisions such as property buying one should undertake their due diligence in assessing the property for potential structural defects as well as safety compliance issues. This is where professional Building inspection by a licenced Building ...

  • Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

    Why should a home buyer get a building and pest inspection?

    ‘Piece of mind’ is the main reason to have a pre-purchase building and pest inspection done. “I’ve found the right home. This is the one for us. We love it. It’s perfect! There’s not much to do, right. Those little ...

  • Building inspections in Sydney

    What is not covered in a Building Inspection?

    When looking into the inclusions or exclusions in a building inspection it is common for a building inspector to refer to the Australian Standard 4349.1 – Pre-purchase inspections—Residential buildings. Technically correct or incorrect? Isn’t that misleading. Well, I’ll explain what ...