Strata Inspection

Strata Inspection

Looking to buy into a strata, Company or Community Title building? We highly recommend a full strata inspection search and report. With our reports you will have peace of mind and information that will help you with your purchase decision.

  • A full report along with a copy of the latest body corporate minutes.
  • A complete understanding of the financial situation of the building including fees, levies and sinking fund details.
  • A detailed explanation of any work that has taken place or is to take place on the building.
  • Information on building insurance, by-laws and disputes or matters within the Building Community.
  • A budget analysis, including all general expenses. E.g. gardening, maintenance, cleaning, etc.



If you are buying a house, you would need a building and pest inspection report. On the other hand, if you invest in a unit, you will require a strata inspection report. These are two particular types of inspections that examine the different features of these properties and can reveal different types of details. Let’s take a look at what the differences between a house inspection and a strata inspection are:

A unit inspection involves a different set of criteria than a house inspection. Aside from the physical condition of that unit, the inspector will also examine the strata agreement and specific aspects of the building in which the unit exists. Some of the details that will be looked at in a strata inspection include:

  • The exterior of the unit
  • Interior of the unit space
  • Whether the strata scheme complies with asbestos & fire rules
  • Insurance for the building
  • Other special levies
  • Entitlements and voting rights
  • Building reports
  • Major expenditures & major proposed expenditures
  • Quarterly strata fees
  • Whether or not the structure is harmonious

A strata inspection will also look at all the copies of the minutes from meetings such as the owners’ corporation AGM etc. A strata inspection report is essential because the apartment unit you’re purchasing doesn’t exist in isolation. It’s subject to all the rules & regulations governing the property in which it exists.

While a house inspection report and a strata inspection report examine different details, both are crucial for a property buyer. The few hundred dollars that you spend on getting these inspections done can provide you peace of mind and save you a significant amount of money in the long term.

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