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How A Housing Inspection Can Save You Money And Trouble

When you are purchasing an apartment, it may seem to be in excellent shape. However, that isn’t always indicative of the condition of the structure in which your apartment is housed. For example, if any cracks appear in ground floor apartments in the building, you too would have to contribute an equal amount to fix the structural damage, even if your apartment happens to be on the second floor. Read on to learn more on how a housing inspection can save you money and trouble.

Why The Condition Of The Apartment Building Matters

Today, many people are choosing to buy apartments rather than build houses, and the trend is to purchase “off the plan”. In cities like Sydney, there also a number of older apartments being put up for sale. This makes it extremely important for people to check the quality of the actual apartment, and be aware of the overall building condition as well. The latter can have a significant impact on your financial situation in the future.

Today, an increasing number of people buying apartments are choosing to get pre-purchase housing inspections done. Most realise that once they have signed on the dotted line, not only are they responsible for the condition of their own apartment, but all the common spaces of the structure too. This is why it becomes important for you to conduct a detailed check on the maintenance plan for that property as well as the Sinking Fund.

It isn’t uncommon for some owners to put up their apartments for sale if they suspect they might have to shell out a large amount of money on a future repair bill. Individuals considering buying older apartments to live in or as an investment need to be wary of potential faults in the structure. Problems such as electrical faults, cracks, termites, rising damp etc. can be equally present in old as well as new apartment buildings. Market statistics indicate that at least one in three houses on the market have at least one major problem.

Common Building Faults

It is far easier to fix faults in a house rather than an apartment building or block of flats that may throw repairs on multiple, individually-owned properties. This makes a professional building inspection a very vital aspect. Some of the commonest faults that come to light during these inspections include:

  • Lack of soundproofing and insulation – This allows noisy air-conditioners and plumbing, flushing toilets and similar sounds from other apartments to be heard very clearly.
  • Poor ventilation in bathrooms and laundries – It results in the buildup of mildew and mould which lead to poor air quality in the indoor spaces of apartments.
  • Roof Leakages – A leak in the roof structure can impact apartments on various levels, making it necessary to carry out plumbing, painting and re-plastering works. This can prove to be extremely expensive for individual apartment owners.
  • Structural damage – This would be a result of age-related deterioration or lack of/poor maintenance. It can leave existing as well as future apartment owners with exorbitant repair bills.

As you can see, there are a number of different problems that might exist in an apartment structure, especially in older buildings. This makes it important for prospective buyers to look beyond new carpeting and fresh paint before they make sign the agreement.

In Closing…

If you are considering purchasing an apartment, you should:

  • Visit the complex during the daytime, at night as well as the busiest time. This will help you gauge what the noise level, parking conditions, and living environment is like.
  • Make sure that you get a copy of all the maintenance work that has been carried out on the structure as well as any that it is proposed in the future.
  • Last but not least, check the documentation related to apartment owners’ responsibilities and fees.
  • Get your apartment and the structure inspected by a professional building inspector

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