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Industrial & Commercial Inspection

Commercial & Industrial Properties Whether small or big, a thorough inspection of commercial property is necessary. Not only does it prevent unexpected expenses, but it also provides a negotiation point before committing on the property.

Purchasing a commercial or industrial property can be a large commitment for a business and in most cases the business is borrowing or using cash flow for the purchase. After taking position the business does not want any unexpected expenditure resulting from defects, safety or compliance issues. Commissioning a Pre Purchase Commercial Inspection of the property will provide the purchaser with an understanding of the condition of the building and enable the business to make an informed decision.

Leasing a commercial or industrial property it is advisable to arrange a building condition inspection before you take possession of the property. This inspection is often regarded as a Move-In or Pre-Lease Inspection. The other benefit of a Move-In Inspection is when it comes to the end of the lease period. It is common for lease agreements to have a reinstatement clause. What this means that when the lease comes to an end the tenant is required to reinstate the property to the state and condition that it was in when the lease commenced. An end of lease inspection is known as a Move-Out or Post Lease Inspection. Having a condition report at Move-In and then comparing it to the Move-Out inspection report enables for a smooth handover with the differences clearly identified.

Considering that commercial properties are a source of income. It is best to inspect the property thoroughly. The added expenditure might be troublesome in the beginning, but it would prevent a major loss in revenue and expense in the future.

Regardless of what property you intend to buy, doing a complete inspection of it ensures that you are familiar with the quality of the property. This way, you walk into the purchase with open eyes.

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