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Different Types of Important Property Inspections

Buying the house is likely one of the most significant financial decisions most people make in their lifetime, especially in times when property prices are at an all-time high in most of the capital cities in the country. Before you sign on the dotted line, it’s important to be sure that you’re buying a house that doesn’t have any kind of pest problems, is well-maintained and structurally sound.

In order to do that, there are a number of different property inspections you’d have to conduct during the buying process in order to ensure that you are making the right decision. It can be tempting to skip on a pre-purchase inspection and you may not feel the pinch in the short term.

However, if any kind of problems surface in the future, it becomes your responsibility to conduct the maintenance work and cover repair costs. Getting a property inspected also gives you the leverage when negotiating the purchase price because these costs count against the overall value of the property.

Types of Property Inspections

In any case, it is important that these inspections be carried out by a certified and experienced building and pest inspector. There are different types of important property inspections that you can conduct which include:

#1 Personal Inspection

When you go for an open-house viewing, use this as an opportunity to inspect the property you are considering to buy. This is the best time to take a look at the features in the house and get a better feel of the overall quality of the property.

Consider taking someone along with you to get a second perspective in picking out potential faults and issues that you may otherwise tend to overlook. During the course the inspection, you can check features such as the doors and windows, hardware, walls and ceilings, floorboards, plumbing fixtures electrical switches and more. If you are able to, also look for any defects in the gutters, roofing and exterior walls.

#2 Building Inspection

While a detailed personal inspection can give you a good idea about the condition of the overall property, it is important to hire the services of a professional building inspector if you are considering buying it. This professional would give you a building inspection report after inspecting the property for various issues and structural defects. They would be able to detect problems that might be easily missed by your untrained eye.

Aside from conducting these inspections, the expert will also make sure that the building is in line with the Australian building code. They will look at everything from the building’s interiors and exteriors, the roof, and under-floor spaces as well as the overall property site. If there are certain features or structures that you want the building inspector to specifically look at, ensure you mention these before they conduct the inspection.

#3 Pest Inspections

This is another important aspect of any building inspection. Today, pests such as termites have become a very real threat and many structures across Australia have become infested with these highly destructive pests. These silent pests eat into the wooden features on a property, affecting its integrity and stability.

During a pest inspection, the professional will thoroughly survey the entire property to check for the evidence of any wood-destroying insects such as borers or termites. They will look for existing as well as potential damage in every area of the property. This particular inspection can be a combination of a visual check and infrared camera images.

#4 Pre-Settlement Inspection

This particular inspection is the final step of your property purchase process. It is also referred to as the pre-purchase or final inspection and should be conducted just before you take over ownership of the property. Of the primary purposes of this inspection is that it allows you to ensure that the entire property is in the same condition it was when you first signed the contract.

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