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Why do we need Pre-purchase Building Inspections?

When making such large investment decisions such as property buying one should undertake their due diligence in assessing the property for potential structural defects as well as safety compliance issues.

This is where professional Building inspection by a licenced Building Consultant is a must before committing to any purchase or lease. A Building Consultant will look at the following items within the property; structural issues, building defects, maintenance items, compliance issues and safety concerns.

Further to this, and of equal importance is the commissioning of a Timber Pest Inspection. A Pest Inspection will outline and current statue of termite activity, previous termite activity and the associate timber pest damage, presence of timber borers, wood decay and lastly any conducive conditions that make the dwelling prone to timber pest attack.

In some cases, these items may only be minor where repair or cosmetic upgrade is recommended but not essential. On the other hand, defects or damage found may be deemed major and/or a safety concern. These items may require immediate action to rectify, and in some instances are likely to be quite costly. Knowing this information before any monetary commitment allows the buyer or tenant an opportunity to cancel their purchase or rethink their negotiation.

Your Solicitor/Conveyancer can recommend an Inspection Company and possibly order the inspection for you during the purchaser process, or you may like to seek out an independent inspector yourself.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, a renter or a seasoned property investor, a Building Inspection prior to purchase is always an essential step in the buying process and should not be overlooked.

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