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Stage Inspection

Inspect It FIRST new construction building inspection are undertaken by a building professional who give their unbiased opinion on the condition and finish of the final construction work. Experienced and professional building inspectors use a comprehensive inspection checklist during their inspection that helps identify whether the workmanship and construction on the project have been carried out in line with the National Construction Code and relevant Australian Standards.
The assessment is based on a Building Consultants opinion of the quality of construction and what would be reasonably acceptable for the purchaser.
Recommended stage inspections for a New Home Inspection:
#1 Base/Slab The professional will inspect the slab dimensions and the footing, waffle pods, waterproof membrane as well as the steel reinforcement in the structure.

#2 Frame This includes a detailed inspection of the steel and timber framework.

#3 Lock-up This includes a detailed inspection of the external wall claddings including roofing and external joinery.

#4 Pre-Lining Inspection of the pre-plaster isn’t aligned to a specific stage of construction. However, the recommendation is that this check should be conducted at the framing & lock-up stages.

#5 Final Fix All internal architraves, skirting, cabinets and cupboards, cladding, doors, baths, basins built-in shelves, troughs, sinks, are installed & fixed in position ready for a coat of paint. This particular inspection is done to identify whether there are any plastering defects that require fixing before painting.

#6 Practical Completion This inspection takes place once the construction is complete (the builder’s contractual obligations have been finalized), and the home is presented to the client.