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Special Purpose Building Inspection

Special purpose inspections, in most cases falls under Australian Standard 4349.0 Inspection of Buildings. These inspections are for the inspection of buildings or a part of a building that is not subject to a property purchase or common areas within a strata title property. For common area inspections within strata title properties AS4349.2 Common Areas of Group Titled Properties should be used.

If the inspection is for the purpose of purchasing a property, then AS 4349.1 Pre-Purchase Inspection standard should be used in conjunction with AS4349.3 Timber Pest Inspection.

Our experience with special purpose inspection is extensive and, in most cases, relates to a client briefing. The brief will generally discuss the specific issues they would like us as building consultants to focus on and the purpose of the report.

Where the matter involves a third party a special purpose report is often a precursor to an Expert Witness Report. This is where the client is not wanting to escalate the issues to a court of tribunal at this stage as they are hoping to resolve the building dispute by the commissioning of special purpose report.

In some instances, the property owner is looking for assistance in understanding the condition of a property and wanting direction as to the require remedial works. They may also like an estimated cost of defects identified in the property.

If a client is unsure as to the type on inspection to order a quick email or a call to our office can be helpful. We can quickly understand your needs and recommend the inspection to suit your requirements.

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