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Most inspection consultants spend the day inspecting and the night writing reports. At Inspect It FIRST we support our consultants enabling them to continue on inspecting and communicating their findings to customers. Our reports are compiled as soon as the inspector completes the inspection. This means the customer receives their report as soon as possible on email and generally within 2 hours* of the actual inspection. The turnaround is quick, professional and best of all, the report is available for our customer to make a valued decision on their investment. Customer results are our focus. Call 1300 557 047 to find out more.


At Inspect It FIRST, we train experienced builders to be competent inspection consultants and then employ them to complete our inspections for you. We support our inspectors with a combined decades of inspection experience and the guidance required to get the job done. Our inspectors focus on inspection results for customers and are part of a team that makes professionalism a priority. For consultants this support is why Inspect It FIRST  is the leading inspection company in Australia.

Inspect It FIRST - Professional Consultants

A professional building consultant is trained in the construction of buildings from the ground up, from design to completion. The consultant will understand the makeup of the building structure and have a broad knowledge of all product and trade elements that go to create a building.

Independent Opinion

Building consultants are often engaged to provide an independent opinion as to the condition of a building, the quality of construction and recommendations for rectification. The benefits of an experienced building consultant are in the delivery of their findings. A professional consultant has the unique ability to clearly explain their opinion in an easy-to-understand language and be able to convey this same clarity in the written report.

Inspect It FIRST Communication

Inspect It FIRST’s building consultants are all trained, skilled staff and understand the importance of communicating any defect to the client with absolute clarity. We don’t just rely on the report, rather we seek to brief each client personally to explain why a notable item was brought to their attention. This includes how that defect could affect them if left as is and the actions recommended to rectify the issue.

Inspect It FIRST Team

From a client’s initial contact to the final report, Inspect It FIRST is all about communication. As soon as we have news, we share it with our client. Inspection appointment booked, inspection completed, or report finished our clients know when we do. It is the compassion that we, Inspect It FIRST, have for our client that set us apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Under the Australian Standard AS 4349 the inspection is a visual inspection of all accessible areas and includes an evaluation of all structural, maintenance, safety and compliance issues.

Interview the building inspector before deciding whether to hire them. Ask for a sample report as that will give you a better idea of what’s covered in the inspection. Ensure they have Professional Indemnity insurance, are a member of an association such as the Australian Society of Building Consultants and have a minimum 10 years’ experience.

We can contact your agent without delay and request an inspection time which is suitable for everyone including the estate agent, vendor as well as for you. In most instances, we will schedule the inspection time and date within same say or next of your call to us.