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  • Inspect It First - Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist

    Some Common Questions Related to Pre-Purchase Inspections

    A pre-purchase inspection is important for anyone planning to buy a new house. This indicates you recognise the fact that protecting your investment is extremely important. It’s the best way to identify whether any pest or structural problems exist in ...

  • Inspect It First - Building and Pest Inspection

    What a Good Building & Pest Inspection Can Reveal

    Every time we’re about to make any purchase, we become a little wary and cautious. We like to analyse whether the things we are buying are of good quality, and that we aren’t being cheated. This holds true with even ...

  • Inspect It First - Building Inspection on Equipment Water Faucet

    What Equipment Do Building Inspectors Use In Their Work?

    Building and Pest Inspections involve much more than a visual inspection. A professional building inspector will always use advanced tools and equipment in their work. Using these helps the professionals spot various defects and problems that may not be evident ...

  • Inspect It First - Home Buying Home Inspection

    How A Home Inspection Becomes An Important Aspect Of Buying A Home

    Buying a house of your own is pretty exciting. It’s the first time you’ve probably invested in something that big. However, when you have to repair or replace features unexpectedly, the excitement can quickly turn into a nightmare. Getting a ...

  • Inspect It First - Home Inspection Structural Issues of a House

    Red Flags to Look Out For During a Home Inspection

    The entire process of looking for, finding and moving into a new home can be extremely exciting. However most home buyers also have their apprehensions about this process, which is quite natural. Investing in a home isn’t a decision you ...