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The Role Thermal Imaging Plays in New Build Inspections and Why It’s Needed

Traditionally thermal imaging cameras have been seen as a tool to identify live termites; however, it is not a reliable “all clear” when it comes to pre-purchase property inspections.

Inspector’s over-state the benefits of thermal imaging giving the impression that it is an x-ray machine. The camera cannot see inside walls, under floors and ceilings, but it does not replace an experienced Inspector’s visual assessment of the property.

Other benefits of thermal imaging in building inspections include Leak Detection, Insulation Detection, Draft Detection and Live Termite Detection.

Water leaks
If an active leak is suspected a thermal scan of the area can reveal leaking showers, bathroom leaks, rising damp or roof leaks.

Ideal for detecting the placement of insulation to walls and ceilings in new homes. Before accepting completion of a new home, it is recommend scanning the walls and ceilings to determine whether any insulation has been omitted. Poorly installed or missing insulation will impact on the energy efficiency on the home.

Draft Detection
The main loss of energy efficiency for homes is via poorly installed external windows and doors. Thermal scanning of the external walls can pick up leaking air where heat or cold can escape. These leaks are due to poor seals and should be rectified.

Live Termite/White Ant Detection

Live termites can provide a heat signature on the surface of walls, ceilings, and floors. A thermal scan of these areas will detect this thermal trace and can enable detection of live termites.

Thermal imaging is a great tool that can be used to assist a skilled inspector provide a more detailed inspection. A purchaser should insist on thermal imaging being used wherever possible.

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