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How Pests Affect Your Building Structure

Pest damage can cause destruction of building structures with catastrophic consequences. Essentially, timber pests i.e., termites, wood decay and borers have the potential to cause such significant underlying damage to the timber work within a structure that it can literally begin to crumble from the inside – out.

Building Inspector’s, when assessing a property for termite damage or active termites will knock on visible timbers within the home, for example skirtings boards and architraves, to hear the change of tone from that of a solid uncompromised timber to a hollow tone signifying damaged timbers. This can also be seen physically in the form of softened timbers, and where timbers are exposed and not painted such as in the roof void or subfloor, they are seen with significant holes or cavities.

There are usually signs that termites have gained entry to the property through evidence of mud tubes which the inspector can then further investigate.

The determination of termites within the dwelling, both active or previous termite damage, can not indicate the extent to which the damage extends. This is usually done through an invasive inspection where wall and floor coverings are removed, and the damage can be assessed, and timbers replaced where applicable.

In addition, there have been instances where electricity poles directly outside the dwelling have had active termite infestation, so this is another important inspection item and if found to be compromised, the local council should be made aware.

In conclusion, regular Pest treatments are the vital in ensuring your home does not succumb to a pest attack. A pest treatment by a licenced Pest Controller will treat the exterior and interior of the home, including trees or sheds on the property that also pose a risk to the home. Being vigilant about the natural features around the area you live and threat pests that pose a threat to your home can dramatically help to prevent timber pest attack. The ultimately the key in preventing an attack is regular inspections by a qualified timber pest inspector.

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