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  • Inspect It First - Ben Parkinson Property Inspector

    Drainage Problems That Can Affect Your Home Structure

    You don’t need to be an expert professional in the building inspection field to recognise that pools of water in the subfloor or puddles on your lawn indicate that there is a drainage problem on your property. However, there are ...

  • Inspect It First - Roof Void Problems

    How To Check For Roof Void Problems In Your House

    Comprehensive building inspections must include accessing the roof void of the structure regardless of whether it is a century old property or a relatively new house. It’s very common for house inspectors to encounter issues that greatly impact the purchase ...

  • difficult to detect problems in houses

    Difficult To Detect Problems In Houses

    To a novice, most house structures may seem to be very similar in appearance. They have walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs. However, qualified and experienced house inspectors are able to detect even the smallest crack on a wall or ceiling, ...

  • Inspect It First - Property Investments Profitable

    Important Things To Know About A Pre-Purchase Inspection

    A pre purchase building inspection might seem like an unnecessary expense and hassle, especially at a time when you are focused on purchasing a new home. This isn’t something you should be compromising on, in order to save some money. ...

  • Inspect It First - Buying Older Properties

    Understanding the Nitty-Grittys of Building Inspections

    When a new build project is in progress, detailed inspections are carried out at different stages during the construction. This helps ensure that the structure is being built in line with the BCA (Building Code of Australia). Even if you ...