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Our Services

Inspect It FIRST is continuing to improve and update its reporting, keeping current with changes in the building environment. These changes can be the introduction of new building codes, changes in existing codes and in some cases the removal of a requirement that may have been superseded by another building code. The following services are some of our more popular inspections and reports.

Building Consultant


Building inspections completed by Inspect It FIRST are generally commissioned by a Vendor or purchaser to provide them with an unbiased third-party opinion of the property and the buildings and structures on the property. When instructed to provide an inspection our first task is to send the client an inspection agreement that details the inspection we will be providing and any limitations that may exist in delivering this service. At the same time, we schedule the inspection and allocate an inspector for the task. Once confirmed with the agent or vendor the appointment to inspect the property is confirmed.

The inspection of the property generally takes one and a half hours on site then another few hours complying the inspection report. When inspecting the buildings of the property the inspector will assess all accessible areas and documents including photographs of, maintenance, defects, safety, and compliance issues.

Once the site inspection is complete, the inspector will contact the client and provide a brief of their findings. This is helpful when the clients want to get an immediate feel for the condition of the property, however we always recommend waiting for the written report before deciding. Following the inspection, the findings are electronically delivered to our office where it is further evaluated and formatted into the final report. All our inspection reports are provided to our clients via email in PDF file format. Inspect It FIRST clients benefit from a rapid and professional turnaround when ordering and inspection service.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections are booked the same day or next with the final report being available within two hours of completing the site evaluation. This service level is unparalleled in the pre-purchase property inspection industry, putting Inspect It FIRST the forefront when it comes to client satisfaction.

The size or the reason for purchase doesn’t matter. Whether one is buying or leasing a commercial or residential property, or even a little shop on some corner, having the property inspected is vital. The extra expense of inspection means that the buyer doesn’t have to shell out more money later.

Commercial Properties

Whether small or large, a thorough inspection of commercial property is necessary. Not only does it prevent unexpected expenses, but it would also prevent loss of revenue. Every day a commercial property has to stay closed for repairs; revenue is lost.

Homes and Apartments

Home inspection before the purchase of a residential property means less time and money wasted down the line. With everyone being so busy in their professional lives, they just want to rest and relax at home. Doing a thorough home inspection would ensure that the house doesn’t add to the homeowner’s stress by being able to be forewarned about the condition of the property.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspection is always carried out before purchasing a property, and you should hire an experienced building consultant who is full insured and well-versed in the building inspection. The inspector will look at various common building issues; Mould, rising damp, water damage, leaking roofs, cracking and subsidence are just a few with structural and maintenance items being the priority. When you opt for a combined building and pest inspection, the professional will look out for other problems such as timber pest issues in subfloor and roof voids areas. The main issues with timber pest infestations are the damage that termites can caused to the building structure. A professional building consultant with provide clarity when understanding how it can affect a property purchase.

Timber Pest Inspection


Do you know that spending a fortune on home improvement projects won’t make much of a difference if you don’t check what’s going on above the ceiling and under the floorboards? You may not realise it, but timber pests could be destroying the timber frame of your home. Even if you’re not planning to sell your house or making any changes, it’s a serious issue that needs to be addressed. When you need an expert to examine, diagnose and determine the issues, you can count on Inspect It FIRST   to deliver beyond your expectations. As one of the leading companies specialising in building and pest inspection in Sydney, we are committed to our customer’s convenience and peace of mind.

Stage Inspection / New Home Inspection

Inspect It FIRST new construction building inspections are undertaken by a building professional who provide their unbiased opinion on the condition and finish of the final construction work. Experienced, professional building inspectors use a comprehensive inspection checklist during their assessment that helps identify whether the workmanship and construction on the project have been carried out in line with the National Construction Code and relevant Australian Standards.

Dilapidation Reports


The purpose of a dilapidation inspection is to record the condition of the property at a point in time. The inspection is generally commissioned prior to major works taking place within the property or building, or to a nearby property or building. This report type is not a structural report; however, it does include a photographic record of the main defects visible at the time of inspection. It is the intention of this report to provide documentary evidence of the state of the property at the time of inspection for the purpose of comparison at a later date.

Strata Inspection

If you are buying a home, you would need a building and pest inspection. However, when a strata or company title is involved, like in the case of an apartment, unit or villa, you will require different types of reports, a strata inspection report and a building inspection report.

Commercial Inspections

Commercial & Industrial Properties Whether small or big, a thorough inspection of commercial property is necessary. Not only does it prevent unexpected expenses, but it also provides a negotiation point for the sale price before committing on the property.