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About Home Inspections

Inspect It is a Business owned by Alpha Building Services Pty Ltd. The Company was incorporated in 2003 by Dale Kennedy as general manager. Dale’s an active advocate for understanding property, building condition and how it impacts on sellers, buyers and agents.

Inspect It takes pride in being able to offer same day or next pre purchase building and pest home inspection. Inspect It – your local pre purchase inspectors can deliver the final inspection report for your home within 2 hours of completing the inspection.

Dale is a builder having completed his carpenter & joiner apprenticeship in 1979, working for AVJennings, HF Yunkin, Boral and Gunns Timber. His studies include Workplace Law and Accounting. Dale has been the president of the Australian Society of Building Consultants, 2013-2015 and is also the organiser of the 3D Users Australia and New Zealand, a group of inspectors who use electronic systems to deliver inspection reports. Under the 3D Users Australia and New Zealand brand Dale provides inspector training and is the distributor of 3D Inspection System, one of the world’s leading inspection reporting software companies.


Why home inspections are important when buying a home?

#1 Helps Determine Whether the House is Structurally Stable

The last thing you want is for your new house to sink or show signs of cracks just as you move in. Many houses that aren’t stable might eventually collapse as well. Having the home inspected before signing the deal can help you in a lot of ways. You can find out whether the property is safe to live in. This is why it is crucial to understand whether the structure is stable or not, as repairing the entire house could cost you a fortune.

#2 Calculate the Cost Of Major Repairs

A house with few problems may not seem like a big deal at first. However, additional issues may create even more significant issues that you can’t foresee. At times, these minor issues may seem like a simple fix. But it doesn’t take long for them to turn into significant problems, and you’d have to fork out a lot of money to fix a house you just bought.
Start calculating the cost of repairs that need to be done by adding the prices of all hidden problems. A professional house inspection will give you a clear idea of what needs to be altered to be in line with Australian Standards.

#3 Identify Safety Issues

Many buyers purchase houses when starting a family, and safety should be the main priority before buying. An inspection can help you identify any significant safety concerns that might exist. It will also reveal whether issues like mould, mildew, cracks, asbestos and any other dangers are present. This makes it easier for you to decide what needs to be changed to make the house safe to live in.

Inspect It First - About Home Inspections