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Inspect It FIRST new marketing to help Buyers and Sellers.

Inspect It FIRST is proud to be represented in real estate agent presentation folders to support Buyers and Sellers in their due diligence when purchasing or selling their property. We offer a number of building consulting services from Vendor pre-sale or pre-listing inspections to purchasers and their pre-purchase building and pest inspections. Vendors can relax … Read more

Top 5 Expensive Fixes a Home Inspection Can Uncover

A top-notch home inspector can help protect your family from severe threats to your real estate value caused by new construction or the lack of repairs. It’s not worth risking your dream home investment, so check out the top five expensive fixes inspectors uncover for your next home inspection. Home inspectors go through a lifetime … Read more

The Role Thermal Imaging Plays in New Build Inspections and Why It’s Needed

Traditionally thermal imaging cameras have been seen as a tool to identify live termites; however, it is not a reliable “all clear” when it comes to pre-purchase property inspections. Inspector’s over-state the benefits of thermal imaging giving the impression that it is an x-ray machine. The camera cannot see inside walls, under floors and ceilings, … Read more

How Pests Affect Your Building Structure

Pest damage can cause destruction of building structures with catastrophic consequences. Essentially, timber pests i.e., termites, wood decay and borers have the potential to cause such significant underlying damage to the timber work within a structure that it can literally begin to crumble from the inside – out. Building Inspector’s, when assessing a property for … Read more

Why do we need Pre-purchase Building Inspections?

When making such large investment decisions such as property buying one should undertake their due diligence in assessing the property for potential structural defects as well as safety compliance issues. This is where professional Building inspection by a licenced Building Consultant is a must before committing to any purchase or lease. A Building Consultant will … Read more

What is not covered in a Building Inspection?

When looking into the inclusions or exclusions in a building inspection it is common for a building inspector to refer to the Australian Standard 4349.1 – Pre-purchase inspections—Residential buildings. Technically correct or incorrect? Isn’t that misleading. Well, I’ll explain what this means later in this article. You see the Standard has an extensive list of … Read more

How A Housing Inspection Can Save You Money And Trouble

When you are purchasing an apartment, it may seem to be in excellent shape. However, that isn’t always indicative of the condition of the structure in which your apartment is housed. For example, if any cracks appear in ground floor apartments in the building, you too would have to contribute an equal amount to fix … Read more

What is a Professional Handover Inspection and Why You Need It?

Many people that purchase new homes simply rely on the builders to handle the final quality check. Anyone that is building a new home or purchasing a new property conducts a certain amount of research in order to identify reputable builders that they can rely on. Research indicates that even when you opt for a … Read more

What is the Difference Between a House Inspection and a Strata Inspection?

If you’re considering purchasing a property, it’s vital that you have proper inspection reports prepared before you actually sign the contract. These reports can help identify problems that can be very expensive for you to fix in the future. The type of report you require would vary based on the type of property you are … Read more