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What a Good Building & Pest Inspection Can Reveal

Every time we’re about to make any purchase, we become a little wary and cautious. We like to analyse whether the things we are buying are of good quality, and that we aren’t being cheated. This holds true with even the smallest of purchases such as clothes and grocery.

And so it goes without saying, that when it comes to investing in property, you would be 10 times more cautious, before finalizing any deal. You’ll be very keen to examine every nook and cranny thoroughly. However, there are certain damages that you wouldn’t be able to notice. This is exactly why you need to hire the services of a professional building and pest inspector.

Why Hire a Building and Pest Inspector?

Even if a particular house has appealed to you and you’re keen on finalising the deal, it’s important that you get a building and pest inspection done. The professional would provide you with a detailed report which will give you a better idea about the state of the structure. This will help you make a better-informed decision about your property purchase.

It isn’t uncommon for prospective homebuyers to feel that these inspections are an unnecessary expense especially at a time when they’re looking to save some money. However, the benefits of the inspection certainly outweigh the amount you pay for it. A detailed and professional building inspection can reveal structural and pest-related problems that can become very troublesome and expensive to fix.

Problems a Building and Pest Inspection Can Reveal

If you are in the process of buying a new home, you want to be sure it’s free of pests and any structural issues. Here is some information about what a good building and pest inspection can reveal:

Structural problems

A professional building inspector has the certification, training, and experience to carry out a thorough assessment of the entire house structure. And inadequate drainage system or any movement in the foundation or footings can make the structure unstable and unsafe to live in. These aspects can easily be revealed in a building inspection report.

Drainage Issues

As mentioned earlier, drainage problems can result in deterioration of the foundation of the structure causing it to become unstable. If there is any kind of leakage or plumbing problems, that can increase the moisture levels in various areas of the house such as the basement etc. These moist and humid conditions become the ideal environment for pests such as termites to breed in.

Roofing Structure Problems

The roof is one of the most important features in any house. The building inspection report will hold information about the condition of the roof structure. If there is any sign of damage or faults in the weight, dimensions etc., it would be noted in the report. Replacing a roof can be a very expensive proposition. If there are any roofing problems, it’s important that you are aware of them before you sign on the dotted line.


Termites are arguably some of the most destructive when it comes to home structures. In Sydney, one out of five homes has been affected by a termite infestation at some point or the other. These pests are silent and tiny yet extremely destructive. They build large colonies within short periods of time and cause extens-ive damage to the wooden features in a structure. This damage may not be visible from the outside, however, a professional pest inspector would use specialised equipment to detect the presence of these pests.

Regardless of which way you look at it, a building and pest inspection by a professional can go a long way in preventing you from making a wrong purchase. In case any minor defects or imperfections are found during the inspection, this gives you the leverage to negotiate the house price with the seller.

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