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How Building and Pest Inspections Protect Your Investment

Most people are aware that building and pest inspections can help you make the right investment and avoid properties that have too many problems. However, few realise that they can help you protect your investment as well. Property owners must get building and pest inspections done once every few years and here are some reasons why:

#1 Keep you informed about the condition of your property

One of the best advantages of regular property inspections is that you’re aware of the state of your building. You’ll know about leakages, pest infestations, cracks, and damages in the property and have a good record of what kind of repairs you need to do in the future. These reports are comprehensive so you can be certain you won’t miss any glaring problem with your property. You can plan and budget your repairs based on the contents of this report, which can be convenient for people who’re on a monthly budget and don’t want to spend too much at once.

#2 The building will endure wear and tear

Most people get their building inspected before they make the purchase and forget about inspections after the transaction is complete. However, your new property isn’t frozen in time and will endure some wear and tear while you occupy it. The report provided during the purchase isn’t valid after a few months or years of occupancy. You’ll need to get a new report done if you want to know the current state of your property in order to maintain it well.

#3 Helps you with future problems

Problems that are harmless today can become nightmares tomorrow. A thorough building inspection done by a professional in the field can help you prioritise the problems. You’ll know your current structural issues will impact the future integrity and strength of your property. You can plan your repairs accordingly and get the most urgent ones out of the way. This will help you avoid future disasters and keep your property in good shape over a long period of time.

#4 Extending the life of property and fixtures

Regular inspections will prompt regular maintenance and repair, which can improve the overall condition of your property and extend its life. Well-maintained properties last longer and develop fewer problems. While some breakdowns might be unavoidable, good inspections and repairs will help you avoid most of them.

#5 Helps with future sales

Well-maintained properties are stronger, perform well over a long period of time, and have fewer problems. Prospective buyers will recognise this and make their purchase decision accordingly. Well-maintained properties with regular inspections command a higher price and are more popular in the market. You might even be able to recover most of the money you spend on the inspections you performed while you owned the property.

#6 Safety

If you inspect your property regularly, you’ll also know if it’s safe to use. As mentioned before, properties do experience wear and tear and sometimes that can make the building unsafe. A thorough inspection will identify any dangerous flaws in the building structure so you can make the right decisions regarding the safety of everyone living or working in the building.

As you can see, regular inspections can provide a number of benefits. You need to hire a reliable inspector with affordable rates to get the inspection done well. If you want to know more about this insurance regime or our services here at Inspect It First, don’t hesitate to call us at 1300 557 047 or contact us through our contact form.

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