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Some Common Questions Related to Pre-Purchase Inspections

A pre-purchase inspection is important for anyone planning to buy a new house. This indicates you recognise the fact that protecting your investment is extremely important. It’s the best way to identify whether any pest or structural problems exist in the house. Having this information allows you to make a better-informed decision about your purchase. Getting answers to a few relevant questions will help you get a good understanding of the pre-purchase building inspections process.

The Top 5 Pre-Purchase Inspection Questions

#1 How Do I Choose the Best House Inspector?

The best way to zero-in on a good house inspector is to do a little bit of research and look for one with a well-established reputation in the market. You can ask the professional for referrals or get recommendations from family or friends who have hired an expert during their own pre-purchase house inspection.

#2 What Are The Most Common Red Flags During An Inspection?

The inspector should highlight and note down any issues that you may end up spending money on or that may cause harm to you and your family. The common red flags include:

  • Presence of asbestos
  • Any water-related issues
  • Pest infestations
  • Structural issues

If even one of these issues shows up on an inspection report, don’t decline the offer straight away. Your inspector should recommend what suitable action you can take. If you are keen on buying the house, you can also use these findings as a negotiation tactic to reduce your buying offer.

#3 Who Is Responsible For Fixing Major Issues?

In their official report, the pest & building inspector will point out all the areas that need fixing, maintenance or replacement. There are two options when it comes to fixing major issues in a house – share the inspection report findings with the seller and determine whether they are willing to fix the issues.

As discussed earlier, the other alternative is to get the seller to reduce the cost of the house and you use that amount to get the place fixed once you move in. The professional can also help by recommending the right experts to conduct any work on the property if you choose to purchase it.

#4 How Long Does It Take For An Inspector To Check The House And Complete Their Report?

The inspector will schedule an appointment within 24 to 48 hours after you request their services. Credible inspectors recognise the urgency of a homeowner’s request for an inspection. Most buyers try to complete all transactions as soon as possible so that they can enjoy their new home. The inspector you hire will complete the report within a day unless there is need for further inspection.

#5 Can I Make Any Changes To The House After Purchasing It?

Outline any alteration plans to want to implement on your property. Once the inspector is aware of the plans, they can advise you on the different options and costs based on their findings and the report they provide.

The Necessity of Pre-Purchase Inspections Prior To Buying

An inspection carried out prior to buying the property can help answer many questions about the house before you sign on the dotted line. This helps ease your anxiety while investing in a new house.

A pre-purchase home inspection provides the assurance that you have taken all the necessary measures to protect your family. We use the latest and most advanced building inspection tools. The experts will conduct the job in a professional and skillful manner.

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