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How You Benefit From Getting A Pre-Purchase Inspection Done

The entire process of buying a home can be quite lengthy, nerve-wracking as well as stressful. This is probably also why many prospective homebuyers opt not to get a pre-purchase house inspection done. Since purchasing a home represents a significant investment, most try to save some money on different aspects. However, a pre-purchase inspection shouldn’t be one of them.

In fact, it should be high on your priority list when you are buying any home. Once you have identified a property that you are really interested in, it’s a good idea to contact professionals like us to get a pre-purchase inspection. You can benefit in a number of ways from getting a building and pest inspection by professionals:

Benefits of getting a pre-purchase inspection

#1 Structural Issues

It is crucial that potential structural problems be identified so that you don’t have to deal with any major repairs and expenses down the line. Structural issues can result in a collapse which can also cause serious injury or death in some cases. Once the structural issues and the cost of the fixes are identified before you make your purchase, it gives you the leverage to negotiate on the purchase price, if you choose to go ahead with the deal. It gives you a very clear idea about how much you would end up spending on fixing the problems after purchasing the property.

#2 Identification Of Any Safety Hazards

When you are purchasing a new house, you want to feel comfortable and know that it’s safe and ready for you to move in. When you choose to get a pre-purchase inspection done, it can help identify any features or installations that might pose a risk to you or your family. There are a number of aspects that we keep in view while conducting a house inspection such as:

  • Asbestos and any other hazardous materials as well as the condition of these identified materials.
  • Presence of smoke detection devices and fire protection covers on the downlights.
  • Electrical wiring that is deteriorated or damaged in any way.
  • Whether safety switches have been installed on electrical circuits.
  • Inadequate/unstable balustrades, decking or handrails.

Other Potentially Expensive Building Defects

Aside from all the structural elements on the property, we will also conduct detailed inspections or all the other installations and features to make sure that there are no hidden surprises once you have moved into the property. Some of these are:

  • Leaks in stormwater good, sewer and water pipes. We will provide a detailed documentation of evidence of any leaky pipes or damage to surrounding installations. Our team will conduct a thorough check on the roof void, inside cabinets and cupboards, as well as in the exterior areas of the house.
  • The condition of roof coverings, gutters, eave linings, fascia, guttering etc. will be documented.
  • The condition of outdoor features such as decks, pergolas, decks, sheds, outbuildings etc. All building inspector will also determine whether all these structures are compliant with Australian standards.

Hire Experienced Building Inspection Specialists

These are just of some of the things we check while conducting a pre-purchase building inspection. Once the inspection has been completed, the building inspector would provide you with a detailed report outlining all these aspects and the recommended fixes as well as the cost involved. This helps you make a better-informed decision about whether you want to buy the house.

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