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Important Things To Know About A Pre-Purchase Inspection

A pre purchase building inspection might seem like an unnecessary expense and hassle, especially at a time when you are focused on purchasing a new home. This isn’t something you should be compromising on, in order to save some money. Getting a pre-purchase inspection done will stand you in good stead down the line. Learn more about some important things to know about a pre-purchase inspection.

Why Opt For a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Some people feel that omitting the pre-purchase house inspection, will also speed up the buying process for them. However, this inspection is important because:

  1. A pre-purchase building inspection considers all the structural elements of a house. The inspector will assess the subfloor and the roof space. They will also assess what the quality of the workmanship is and will scrutinize the condition of the woodwork. In addition, the inspection will also cover or the exterior walls; the expert will also look for fungal decay in the boards or cracking in the brickwork. The exterior of the roof will be inspected thoroughly, as will the guttering and downspouts. They will also check the installation for effectiveness and condition of the drainage system.
  2. A pre-purchase house inspection includes a detailed assessment of the interior elements as well. The inspections would include aspects such as the doors, joinery, floors, plaster walls and more. The inspector will list all the minor defects in the structure, installations and features as well as tiling etc. and will provide suggestions of any necessary maintenance.
  3. A pre-purchase pest inspection primarily looks for signs of termite activity. However, the inspector would also scrutinize the entire structure for signs of borer activity, rot in timber or fungal decay. The inspection will cover the roof space and the subfloor, and the professional will search for areas around the house that provide an ideal environment for future timber pest infestations. Once the timber pest inspection has been completed, the inspector will make recommendations for fixing these problems and would also suggest suitable time frames for any future inspections, based on the level of risk the property faces.
  4. Typically, a professional pre-purchase building & pest inspection will very clearly provide information about the structure and condition of the house. It will also identify all the minor defects, and the experts will make recommendations as to which party is responsible to get these fixed.

Some problems that pre-purchase inspections can detect

If you are planning on buying a house without getting a pre-purchase inspection, you are putting yourself at significant risk. A house that is well-presented need not always be up to the mark when it comes to a structural integrity and stability of the features and elements in it be. In fact, a number of aspects that can be hidden from prospective buyers and just an eagle eye isn’t enough to identify what these are. It takes professional expertise and experience to detect problems such as:

  • Restumped house not level
  • Disguised water leakages through ceilings from the balconies above
  • Unidentified blocked sewer drains from trees roots
  • Rotting structural timber structure underneath bathrooms, caused by leaking.
  • DIY wall removal projects that have resulted in structural deficiencies.
  • DIY pergola & deck construction projects resulting in safety concerns.
  • Inadequate drainage that hasn’t been identified in summer months which results in footing failures as well as a build-up of water below the house
  • Re-painted interiors which cover up cracks and other signs of structural movement
  • Active termite infestations

A skilled and experienced pre-purchase inspector would be able to identify if any of these problems exist and will provide recommendations about what can be done about them. If you want to know more about Inspect It First‘s building and pest inspection services, don’t hesitate to call us at 1300 557 047 or contact us through our contact form.

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