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Serving Australia since 2000

A Home Inspection Company based in Australia

Purchasing an investment property or a home is likely to be one of the most sizeable investments that most of us make. Just as you do with your own due diligence, conducting a pre-purchase inspection with a professional building consultant is a very important step to protecting your future by ensuring that everything is as it should be with any property.


Inspect It FIRST provides property inspections right across Sydney and its regional areas. Our focus is on helping property owners and buyers understand the condition of a property before they put it up for sale or commit to a purchase. Sellers benefit by avoiding annoying surprises and buyers by protecting their future investment when purchasing a property.

Giving our clients piece of mind when it comes to property is what Inspect It FIRST is all about.


Having the Inspect It FIRST Team on the job provides client security and confidence.


The Inspect It FIRST team puts your needs first, ensuring a quality inspection every time.


We are the Leader in Home Inspection

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It’s about knowing what is going on with a property. Inspect It FIRST provides certainty when it comes to understanding buildings and avoiding unseen dangers.


Inspect It FIRST is the company you can trust to be on time, consistent and a reliable member of your team.


Inspect It FIRST provides protection for our clients. Full Professional Indemnity Insurance cover, 200% Service Guarantee and a 90-Day Inspection Warranty.


The Inspect It FIRST team is continually improving to always deliver a better service. It’s the small things that count- always!


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Frequently Asked Questions

As a guide to what a customer might expect when commissioning a pre purchase building inspection and report.

– Fee Range for Building Inspection – Standard Home $440-$750

– Apartment $400-$500 (Excluding Accessible Common Areas)

POA (Excluding Accessible Common Areas)

(Fees exclude extras such as Timber Pest and Defect Cost Estimates)

When commissioning a home inspection, it is important to ensure the inspector completes a full inspection of all accessible areas. The main areas of a home are: Sub floor, Roof void, Internal, External, Boundary fencing, Retaining walls, Drainage and Timber pest/Termites.

Before renting a property, a tenant should request that a Move-In Inspection be completed. This inspection report will provide the tenant and landlord with an independent assessment of the condition of the property at the beginning of the lease period.

It is important to brief your inspector before the inspection. This briefing should include any areas of concern that the purchaser may have and any specifics that they would like the inspector to focus on when inspecting the property. It is not always wise to “follow the inspector around” while the inspection is in progress. This is because inspectors have systems of inspecting the properties and any interruption may result in the inspector missing items.

This is a case-by-case decision and strongly depends on what is included with the building inspection. Asking you inspector to include estimated defect costs will provide a starting point for any counter offers.

There are no rules when it comes to negotiating price because of the building inspections findings. Let’s face it, a purchaser commissions a building inspection to find out if there are any surprises and what impact they will have on the purchase.

At the end of a property lease period the tenant or landlord should commission a Move-Out Inspection from an independent building consultant. When completed, this report can be compared to the Move-In report to determine the differences in the property condition.

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to a decision about getting a building inspection done, and it’s entirely your choice. However, since you will be making a significant investment in the property, getting a pre-purchase inspection done is one of the best ways to identify future liabilities. An inspection can uncover defects that may cost much more to fix than the actual cost of the inspection.

In fact, you can use the report to support and effectively negotiate substantial discounts on your purchase price. You can also negotiate generous special conditions in which the seller agrees to fix the identified issues before the settlement.

If you are using auction sales and bidding on more than one property when looking for a home, getting pre-purchase inspections for all the properties can prove an expensive proposition. The other aspect is that even if you identify a fault, you would not be able to use this information to negotiate the pricing at auction.

Whether you decide to get a pre-purchase and pest inspection done depends on your personal preferences and budget. It’s essential to hire the services of a skilled and experienced building inspector as they would be able to use the right technology and their extensive knowledge in the inspection process. They will also provide a detailed report that you can use for your benefit.