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Common Problems You Hope Don’t Show Up on Your Building Inspection Report

A pre-purchase building inspection is almost a mandate now when it comes to purchasing a property and pest inspections are a part of it too. Regardless of how well a house is built and maintained, no property is perfect. This is why most pest and building inspection reports list out all the faults that exist in the structure. In this article, we talk about some of the common problems you hope don’t show up in your building inspection report:

#1 Structural problems

Movement of footings or the foundation slab can result in structural cracking. This is quite a severe problem on account of the costs and challenges involved with fixing it. Ground movements, poor construction methods and materials as well as under-design can result in foundation movement. If your building inspector finds any incidence of these types of problems, he will recommend you get some further investigation done by an engineer. It’s important that you wait for a detailed report from the structural engineer before you make your final decision about the purchase.

#2 Water or drainage problems

When it comes to owning and maintaining a home, water is a one of the biggest enemies. The most common problems that surface on properties are caused by inadequate home maintenance and they include water staining, fungal decay, rot and standing water. There could be other problems that can be disastrous if not addressed on time.

Sometimes, things like failing to keep wooden features well-painted, or omitting to replace broken or deteriorating roof tiles can result in leakages that damage various features of a home’s structure. Excessive moisture in the indoor spaces of a home becomes an attraction point for timber pests such as termites and encourages wood rot as well.

Plumbing leaks can cause similar problems if not addressed on time. Damaged or missing waterproof membranes on walls and floorings of bathrooms and shower areas can allow the water to seep in through tile grouting and will eventually lead to rot the walls and supporting floor.

#3 Termite activity

Even when there aren’t any active termite nests found on a property, most houses that are inspected have conditions that encourage termite or wood borer activity. Because of the humid, coastal climate that exists in Sydney and the love that people have for using wooden features in their home building projects, almost all homes are prone to termite attack. While only a few of the hundreds of species of termites in the Australian sub-continent are destructive, they end up causing hundreds of millions of dollars of damage annually.

#4 Roofing structure problems

Water damage to the ceilings in a home or a noticeably sagging roofline is generally a sign of severe roof problems, depending on the size and nature of the issue, as well as the type of materials used. Since replacing a roof is an extremely expensive proposition, it’s crucial to hire the services of a licensed building inspector to inspect the roof void closely at the points where these problems have been noticed. A roofing company would have to be contacted for further consultation and advice.

Aside from all these issues, the other common problems you hope don’t show up in a property include mould, fungal decay or timber rot, safety issues and non-compliant structures. Regardless of which way you look at it, getting a comprehensive building and pest inspection done is one way to ensure you are investing in a problem-free property.

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