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Do I Really Need to Get a Brand New Home Inspected Before Buying It?

Today, most people are well aware of how crucial property inspections are. Every person wants to ensure their property is a safe and stable place to live; and overall, a wise investment. Whenever you see any brand-new house, you may simply assume that all the aspects of it are in good order.

The fresh, polished floors, the beautifully manicured lawn and the fresh paint can easily get you quite excited about making your decision and signing on the dotted line, without even considering a professional home inspection. After all, everything, starting from the windows and doors, the iron railing and the shingles to every little fixture and installation is brand new and it goes without saying that it should be in good shape as well. What could possibly go wrong?

Even new builds can have problems

Most prospective homebuyers, especially first-time home buyers are extremely eager to get ownership of their new home and once they like the overall property, its feel and the environment within and outside the home, they become eager to close the deal. But the fact is that a number of things can go wrong even in new homes such as:

  • Malfunctioning electrical outlets
  • Balky windows
  • Faulty drain line connections
  • Exhaust fans that vent into no specific space
  • Improperly installed insulation
  • Shoddy paint jobs in odd and tight spaces

House construction involves several different contractors and technicians, each working on specific systems and areas. While credible builders always do their best to make sure everything is well coordinated, it becomes extremely challenging to inspect every single phase in a detailed manner; this occurs primarily because most of the jobs are being carried out simultaneously and even the best and most particular builders will end up missing a few details.

As a homebuyer you may mistakenly believe that a new-build is synonymous with safety and sturdiness, and forego any stage of a property inspection; sometimes even a final walkthrough with your builder, and merely rush into the deal. Only after you’ve settled in do you discover the various defects that exist. While scratched paint or a cracked wall tile in the laundry room isn’t going to impact more than the aesthetics of the home, an unsteady foundation is a completely different matter.

Unlike home inspections conducted by independent firms, the property inspections conducted by the local council aren’t nearly as exacting and detailed as you would expect them to be. Most local councils are significantly understaffed and they don’t thoroughly check the quality of the workmanship or materials. Their primary job is to inspect the property to assess whether everything is up to code and that means some critical faults and problems can easily go unnoticed and unreported by them.

This is exactly what makes it so important to hire the services of a company that can carry out a professional building inspection. If any problems are found, you can get the builder to fix them before making your payment. Once the builder has fixed the problem, get your inspector to check the problem again to ensure it’s been done correctly.

The reason a private inspection is preferred is that the inspector’s salary isn’t dependent on getting the property, which means they are a neutral party; and in a better position to provide an objective and unbiased opinion on the state of the house. Regardless of how you look at it, a property inspection is indispensable in ensuring that your new build is perfectly fit to be your dream home.

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