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Why Strata Inspection is a MUST Before Buying

Why Strata Inspection is a MUST Before Buying

Before entering into any real estate contract, it’s extremely important to book a pre purchase inspection. Whether it’s a house or a commercial property, you need to be aware of the current state of the building you are interested in.

There could be underlying problems that may not be obvious to you, and it’s best to address them before you shell out money for a property you might regret buying in the future.

Peace of Mind Comes First


You don’t want to spend countless sleepless nights thinking whether or not you’re making the right decision, do you? If this is your first property investment, you’ll surely be tossing and turning, contemplating about the possibility of making a mistake.


Your sleepless nights and restless days are not worth it! Instead of wasting your time thinking about worst case scenarios, you should be ordering a full property inspection and finally get some answers.


Find Out About Maintenance Issues


Aside from checking the premises for structural problems and pest infestations, a qualified inspector can give a detailed report regarding maintenance issues and whether these issues will be costly to repair in the future. As part of the documents required for loans, lenders may request a copy of the building & pest report together with the inspectors PI insurance certificate. Only a qualified inspector such an Inspect It can provide a Professional Indemnity certificate on demand.


Strata or company title properties have a management company who looks after the affairs of the property. When purchasing within a strata or company title property it is essential to commission a strata or company records report. To prepare yourself for maintenance expenses, part of this inspection report will determine possible regular and special levies that you’ll have to contribute after you buy. These levies include sinking and administrative funds, as well as extra contributions. Administrative funds include electricity expenses, maintenance and repair costs on the property. Inspect It can arrange for these reports for you. Remember a strata report does no replace the need for a building & pest inspection.


Uncover Other Vital Information


This type of detailed report will contain information on by-laws or rules and regulations every strata resident should heed. This is a good way for you to check if pets are allowed in units, or if you can make any changes outside your strata unit. These building inspections will spare you from possible disappointments.


A full strata inspection can also be your verified source for possible and previous strata problems, disputes among owners and the tenants, and corporate meetings’ minutes. These details are not information that you can easily get when doing a site visit. Aside from obtaining building data from the records, this information can stop you from making the big mistake of buying a strata unit from troublesome owners and living with equally agitated tenants. You can avoid the hassle of looking for ways to get out of your contract or looking for someone to buy your unit.


Inspect It is one of the reliable companies specialising in building inspections in Sydney. Our services range from comprehensive strata inspections to detailed reports on pest infestations or damage in properties you are interested in.


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