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  • Inspect It First - Buying a Home Prior to Option

    How to Buy a Home Prior to Auction

    As a potential homebuyer, when you find a property that suits their needs perfectly, sometimes emotions can overshadow logic. It isn’t difficult to be caught in a wave of emotions and end up paying far more than you probably should. ...

  • Inspect It First - Door Inspections Door Frames

    How to Test a Door Lock

    Locks are a very important feature in your home and to a large extent, the security of your property depends on how reliable your locking systems are. This also means you need to ensure the locks are sturdy and that ...

  • Inspect It First - Water Leak Services

    How to Test For a Water Leak

    Regardless of how good the plumbing materials used in your home, a water leak can show up just about anywhere, behind walls, in ceilings, under the ground and in pipes that are visible to the eye. That includes all the ...

  • Inspect It First - Colonial Building Inspections

    Does It Really Help To Get an Under Construction Building Inspection Done?

    Choosing to get a new home built is definitely a fulfilling and exciting experience, but it’s also a huge responsibility. In the course of the planning process, you are able to make sure that every feature is being built to ...

  • Inspect It First - New Home Negotiation

    Negotiate a Better Price For a New Home By Leveraging The Pest and Building Inspection Report

    For a large percentage of current investors, one of the biggest problems today remains the structural condition of the property they are looking to purchase. It’s not uncommon for homebuyers to find that a house that looked great from the ...