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Why Buyers Agents LOVE Building And Pest Inspections

Buying a property is a big investment so it makes sense for potential homeowners to inspect all aspects of a property before making a purchase. They don’t want to be bogged down by repairs or unexpected problems as soon as they move in. Real estate agents always recommend inspections to property sellers and buyers.

5 Reasons Why Agents Love Building and Pest Inspections

Building and pest inspections are comprehensive assessments of the property. During this process, experts identify vulnerabilities and provide a detailed report to clients. Here are some of the biggest advantages of this process:

#1 Negotiation Power

Inspections provide in-depth information about the property, which gives both buyers and sellers an idea on how to negotiate for the right price. For example, if the property has some major flaws, the buyer can bargain and bring the cost of the property down. If the property is in great condition and the report doesn’t reveal too many problems, sellers can increase the price accordingly.

#2 Proof of a Serious Buyer

Sellers and their real estate agents see dozens of prospective buyers regularly, especially if the property is in a thriving real estate market. Most of these prospective buyers don’t have a serious intention to buy a property and are just window shopping. Sellers don’t take negotiations very seriously until they are certain they have a serious buyer. Inspections are a clear indication that a buyer is really intent of making a financial commitment. This ensures sellers will place their cards on the table and carefully consider a buyer’s offer.

#3 Protects Client’s Interest

Building and pest inspections protect your client’s interests. The inspection will reveal flaws, cover-up repairs, serious pest infestations, etc. You can look at the information and explain the implications of it to clients in detail. They will know if they’ll have to spend a large amount of money on repairs in the near future. Collecting this information beforehand ensures clients aren’t caught off-guard or have paid more for a property than they needed to.

#4 Great Inspectors Solve Problems

Some buyers, sellers, and even real estate agents believe inspectors create problems during the purchase/sale process. These professionals actually solve problems by pointing out flaws that need to be addressed quickly. They will identify repairs that should be considered a priority, recommend solutions, and offer advice on how to handle the issues mentioned in their report. This can help ease the property transfer and speed up negotiations.

#5 Shows Clients You Care

Agents dedicate a lot of time and resources to find the best property for their clients. Most of this work happens behind the scenes and clients are unaware of how much research or networking is involved. Inspections show them just how much you care about their welfare. It helps cover all aspects of the purchase process and helps clients trust your opinion.

Why Choose Us?

Hiring the right inspection company can make a big difference. You need someone trustworthy and reliable. Here are some reasons why we should be your first choice:

  • Our services are easily available at your convenient schedule.
  • We are always on time.
  • Our experts will provide briefings on site.
  • All reports are delivered quickly so negotiations can proceed without too much delay.
  • We care about our clients too and focus on delivering the best quality services.

At InspectIt First, our goal isn’t to sell you anything, but to help you get the best possible deal on a property sale or purchase for your client. We make it easier to set a good price and provide clients with some negotiation leverage. Our inspections are thorough and straightforward so if you want honest advice, just give us a call today at 1300 557 047!

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