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Different Types Of Pre-Purchase Inspections And What They Include

When you are planning on purchasing a home, it’s a good idea to get a home inspection done before you sign on the dotted line. Home inspectors typically check the overall building structure, electrical, roofs, plumbing, basements, air-conditioning systems heating systems and water heaters etc.

They have the training and knowledge required to look for dodgy building practices, major defects, and deterioration in the structure. They also make note of the features that need fixing or ones that pose major safety issues.

Before hiring any building inspector, you need to ensure that they would be focusing on all the things that matter, such as installations for features that are damaged or deteriorated, as they can become a costly problem down the line.

Types of Inspections

There are a number of different types of pre-purchase inspections such as:

#1 Personal inspections

This is more an informal sweep of all the potential concerns that are carried out by the prospecting owner themselves. When you are considering buying a property, it is crucial that you inspect it personally. This helps ensure that all your requirements are met with reference to the purchase, which helps you decide whether you want to hire a professional building inspector. The other important aspect is to bring someone with you during the inspection as it’s also good to have an extra set of eyes.

Once you have finished this inspection, you can discuss all the details with the building inspector, tell them about the concerns that you have, if any. If you have already noticed some minor problems such as loose doorknobs on shaky hinges on cabinets, that gives your building inspector the chance to focus on the other problems that will actually have an impact on your investment.

#2 Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspection

Building and pest inspections are always carried out before purchasing a property, and you should hire a licensed, and insured and well-established building inspector for the job. The inspector will look at various common issues including:

  • The age of the building
  • Mould, mildew & rising damp
  • Water damage and leaks
  • Windows and doors
  • Sagging roofs

When you opt for a combined inspection, the professional will look out for other problems such as timber pests as well as underfloor, roof and in-wall pests; where they are located and the amount of damage they have caused.

#3 New Home Inspections

New home inspections are generally carried out in four separate stages. This helps ensure that an experienced professional carries out the inspections right though the construction process. The stages include:

  • Detailed slab inspection before the concrete is poured
  • Inspection after the framework has been completed
  • A lockup inspection – before the ceilings and walls are plastered
  • Handover inspection – before the vendors even to demand a completion of the payment

Hire Licensed and Insured Professionals

Investing in a new home represents a significant cost. This makes it crucial to ensure that every stage of the construction process is completed to existing standards and that these stages are also inspected as required. The building inspector that you hire will have a good bit older and own a home on your old home will mark for all owner will have a wide choice for all who will be all calls for all the details of your is more room for understanding of the Building Code Of Australia as well as all the regulations laid into construction work in the region.

Always make sure that the building inspector you hire is licensed and has the requisite experience to handle the job expertly. If you have any specific requests, ensure that the checks you need conducted are in line with the building inspector’s experience & expertise, and that it fits the inspection package purchased.

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