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  • Inspect It First - Buying a Home Prior to Option

    How to Buy a Home Prior to Auction

    As a potential homebuyer, when you find a property that suits their needs perfectly, sometimes emotions can overshadow logic. It isn't difficult to be caught in a wave of emotions and end up paying far more than you probably...

  • Inspect It First - Door Inspections Door Frames

    How to Test a Door Lock

    Locks are a very important feature in your home and to a large extent, the security of your property depends on how reliable your locking systems are. This also means you need to ensure the locks are sturdy and...

  • Inspect It First - Water Leak Services

    How to Test For a Water Leak

    Regardless of how good the plumbing materials used in your home, a water leak can show up just about anywhere, behind walls, in ceilings, under the ground and in pipes that are visible to the eye. That includes all the...

  • Inspect It First - Colonial Building Inspections

    Does It Really Help To Get an Under Construction Building Inspection Done?

    Choosing to get a new home built is definitely a fulfilling and exciting experience, but it's also a huge responsibility. In the course of the planning process, you are able to make sure that every feature is being built...